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um.. about me?.. I am sweet, not judgmental, easy going and down to earth. my name is Monique . I am 18 and I have cerebral palsy.I am senior in HS but i doing running start at S.S.C.C. so when i graduate i will be a Nurses Assistant. My dream is becoming a pediatric doctor. I enjoy doing hair. I like taking pictures,being a reading tutor and making people fun I get mostly A's in school. .I am sassy,honest truthful, and very friendly I like writing poetry. My favorite Sports are volleyball, basketball My Interests are music, swimming, rock climbing, water skiing camping paintball, dancing singing hang out with friends. Just Being a chill person. My favorite food are I love seafood,Greek,and soul food lol I am not pick through. I will try anything once. I love to travel My favorite places to go Brazil, Jamaica and Hawaii. Place I want to go Tokyo and Cuba

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